Enhancing performance is not about being faster or stronger. We can all run more beep tests and pump more weights to achieve this….it's relatively easy to manage these areas.

Real performance enhancement comes from these four key areas:

Movement Efficiency:   be smarter- read the situation and make the right decision, whether that be to move faster or to hold back or many other options…
Deceleration: in many individual or team sports, deceleration in order to change your position is never taught. HOTSPOT® can show you how important deceleration really is, and what a difference it will make to your performance.
Balance: keep your poise, know your position, understand and maximise your strengths whilst hiding your weaknesses from your opponents. Be ready - it's critical to success.
Execution: by moving efficiently and effectively you can execute the shot or action you want rather than the one you have to. Not being in the action zone on balance and in time limits your tactical options - you have to react quickly but without your full technical capability.
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